The Wall Rebuilder

SERVICES - We Fix Walls and Ceilings, Plaster or Drywall

Specializing in Older Homes

CRACKS: We repair cracks that mar your living areas.

HOLES: We fix plumbing holes, electrical holes, any kind of holes.

TEXTURE: We can give you any texture you want, smooth out unwanted texture, match existing texture.

CRUMBLING WALLS: If your basement is disintegrating we can fix it (though if water is actively coming through you may need waterproofing from a specialist to locate and deal with the water problem).

WATER DAMAGE: repair to drywall or plaster.

VENETIAN PLASTER: we can put this in for you. Ask for color chart.



Basement - Before

Basement - After


Fixing Cove Ceiling

Restoring Plaster Trim


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