The Wall Rebuilder

We fix indoor walls and ceilings made of plaster and drywall

  • Any kind of hole or channel, any width cracks, any damage from putting things in or removing things (thermostats, light fixtures, running wires, removing walls, plumbing, etc)
  • Any kind of damage Or any changes you have made or are considering
  • You have texture but want that area smooth? You liked a texture and want it in your house?

    The basement seems to be disintegrating? (if water is actively coming through you may need waterproofing to locate and deal with the water problem). See article on wet basements here (

  • You want to update the look of the (fireplace, living room, kitchen, etc)?
  • Need to build or replace a wall?
  • No job too big, no job too small (though we do have a minimum charge)


    Basement - Before

    Basement - After